Gallery of Completed Pieces

This is a collection of some of the completed articles that have Resulted over the many years. More will be added as they are photographed.

Click on the photo to view a larger photo. Warning! the enlarged pictures are about 250Kb each.
A reminder of my sisters childhood Quilted into a wall disply for here birthday
A vest that was made for my brother who is a beef farmer resembling some of the scenery that he sees each and every day.
A Jacket that resulted from a trip to the westcoast for one of my daughters wedding. The Navajo mountains are reflected a little in the piece. It Received a First Place prize at the 2003 Sulky challenge.
A Poppy Quilt
This is wall hanging that resulted from a quilt challenge in which each person started out with a bag with a small variety of fabric pieces that at the end had to be used as part of the finished piece. This was during the period where the gas prices where sky rocketing and is supposed to be a drivers day dream at a stop light. The completed piece has a black and white cartoon section added to the bottom consisting of the driver being honked at as a result.
This was and alter cloth that was made for the Lutheran church in the town that I grew up in. Although they separated from our synod they still approached me to do this for them. They wanted to include a more local look in their worship Area. The Fish Although was not included on the cloth was the result of having worked on it.
A Horse Similar in style to those which you would find in cave painting.