While working with Freemotion Embroidery a need for some of these became requested or desired to add a new dimension to the Field. Although some are similar o what is already available out there on the market true Randomness is not something that can be built in to machine produced products. These are a few areas that have been endever ed into to attempt to aid in this field of interest within the tread and fiber industry.

Thread Ribbon Fabric Cheese Cloth

Hand Dyed Thread

The following are samples of the various types of thread available.  Fabric is available in similar varieties of colours. 

   Rainbow Colored 



Very short lengths of different
random colours


Two of more different colours of
random lengths


Random lengths of
different shades of the same colour

Stores that carry the thread

Aunt Beth's Quilt World
3217 Navan Road,
Navan, ON
Tel: (613) 837 - 6222
Dragonfly Fabrics
2679 Alta Vista Drive
Ottawa, ON
Tel: (613) 521-9839
Julee's Homecrafts
5502 Main Street
Osgooe, ON
Tel: (613) 826-1243
Les Creation Patchwork
22 des Flandre
Gatineau, QC
Tel: (819) 568-9702
Taylor Sewing Center
7712 Kent Blvd.
Brockville, ON
Tel: (613) 342-3153
Textile Traditions
87 Mill Street
Almonte, ON
Tel: (613) 256-3907
The Quilters Choice
650 Progress Avenue
Kingston, On
Tel: (613) 384-8932
Quilty Pleasures
2211 St Joseph Blvd.
Orleans, ON
Tel: (613) 834-3044
Yarn Forward
581 Bank Street
474 Hazeldean Road
Ottawa, ON
Tel: (613) 237-8008
For prices please feel free to contact me .